Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Madame Sherri's Castle - West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

In the 1920s, Madame Antoinette Sherri was a French costume designer who catered to the actors and actresses in New York City.  She moved there from France with her husband in 1911.  Madame Sherri also did a little Vaudeville acting, dancing, and singing on the side.  During the summers she would visit with an actor friend who spent his summers in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire.  She liked the area so much that after her friend passed away, in 1927 she built a chateau style mansion in the area and would host very large extravagant parties of which most of the guests were the rich and elite from New York City.  The mansion had a grand stairway made of stone that led to a large red door which served as the entrance.  Local residents referred to her chateau as Madame Sherri's Castle.

Madame Sherri was a famous costume designer from New York who summered at her chateau near West Chesterfield, New Hampshire which today is known as Madame Sherri's Castle

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