Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ghost of Redstone Castle - The Spirit of Alice Crawford - Manitou Springs, Colorado

In 1890, high on Iron Mountain near Manitou Springs, Colorado, a Victorian style manor was built by William Davis.  It was by design, a model home that was to be the showcase of a planned luxury development on the mountain.  However, the development was a complete failure and none of the lots sold.  Davis lived in the house briefly however, for the most part the beautiful manor on the hill stood vacant. Over the years, it became known as Redstone Castle due to its magnificent stature on the hillside and the fact that it is made of red stone that comes from the local quarries.  The house may have been vacant for a good portion of it's existence, but many believe it to be haunted by spirits from the past.

Redstone Castle on Iron Mountain near Manitou Springs, Colorado

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