Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Ghost of Lizzy Rowland - Edgewood Plantation - Charles City, VA

The American Civil War left very few areas of the Southern United States untouched by tragedy, loss and drama.  The Edgewood Plantation in Charles City, Virginia is no exception.  The third floor of the plantation house served as a lookout for the Confederate Army as it offered a great view of the area. It is rumored that the plantation may have served as a makeshift hospital during the war.  The lush gardens and landscape on the outside served as perfect cover for the devastation inside as wounded and dying soldiers occupied some of the rooms.  Some were lucky enough to leave, some were not. The grist mill on the property was used to grind grain to feed the soldiers encamped in the area.  

The Edgewood Plantation in Charles City, Virginia is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lizzy Rowland who wainted in vain for her lover during the Civil War.

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