Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Ghosts of Mossy Glen - Edgewood, Iowa

Just north of the quiet little town of Edgewood, Iowa, there is a patch of forest in the middle of Iowa farmland that holds a few mysterious legends. These are tales of three folks who's lives touched this area in some way and for some their lives ended here. One was murdered there, one committed suicide there in the Stoney Hollow and leaves a curse to those unfortunate enough to cross her path, and it is believed that the other must have spent a great deal of time those woods before she was sentenced to death.  The spirit of all three still linger in the Mossy Glen.

The spirit of a woman who took her own life in the Stoney Hollow of Mossy Glen is said to curse those who she chooses by leaving a rose in their path. 
Photo credit: © Petarpaunchev | 

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